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If You Think You Know The Whereabouts Of Any Of These Individuals, Please Contact Me, And I Will Pass On The Relevant Information. Do Not Attempt To Tackle Any Of The Individuals Listed Below, As They Are Considered Extremely Dangerous.

Lets Get Started Ladies And Gentlemen....

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Codename: Ron, Ronnie, Ronaldo Codename: Don Johnson
History: Unofficial Leader Of Team Daft. Has Been Seen Working In A Local Supermarket Chain As Cover For His Team Daft Exploits.  History: Spate Of Frenzied Female Attacks During 90's, Has Been In Hiding For The Past 4 Years. Has A Fetish For Silver Household Appliances.

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Codename: Brainz Codename: Tina
History: Educated On The South Coast, Notorious For Being "Well Skint".  History: Getaway Driver. Due To Constantly Falling Asleep At The Wheel, Tina Has Had To Change Cars Over 150 Times To Avoid Being Quizzed By The FBI.

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Codename: Cox (Pictured Right) Codename: Stoat
History: In Prison at Plymouth for 2-3 Years, Cox Has Since Been Released. Recent Investigations Show That Cox Is Now Certifiably Mad. Has Bladder And Drink Problems. History: Never Seen Away From His Secret Hideout, No Footage Has Ever Been Captured Of This Member Of Team Daft. We Are Unsure As To Whether He Even Exists.

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Codename: CT Codename: Barratt
History: Known For His Hi-Tech Weaponry Skills And Tactics, CT Has A Second Mansion In Croydon, Where He Practises With Weapons Of Mass Destruction. History: Hardman Of The Team. Pictured Here Trying To Attack One Of Our Covert Undercover Operators.